Another Engine Builder Magazine Engine of the Week is running SCAT Crankshafts parts!

This week it’s an LT1 NHRA Stock Eliminator Engine built by Brandon Page, owner of Page Racing Engines in Roebuck, South Carolina.

“The build started out with a factory GM block,” Brandon Page says. “It is a two-bolt block. That’s what the customer had, so that’s what we’re working with. We did put ARP studs in to strengthen that up as much as possible.”


“We have to choose from an approved list the NHRA gives, so we picked within that list,” Page says. “We used JE pistons, a SCAT cast crank and custom Callies rods made to NHRA specs. We then went through and checked the block and got it machined to match the pistons.”

Find out all of the build’s details here.

Images courtesy of Engine Builder Magazine.