Dale Poore’s ’55 Chevy 210 Del-Ray sedan featured on Chevy Hardcore is running a SCAT Crankshafts cast crank and 5.7-inch rods!

He found this ride back in 1986 when it wasn’t in the best of shape and has taken pride in restoring and rebuilding it.

The car had very little rust, and the headlight caps are all original. Since he drag races this ’55 Chevy more than he drives it on the street, the engine is not all original. For the interior, he opted for retro-style, vinyl-pleated black and red seats and door panels.

Since he’s wanting to go faster, he’s on the hunt for another ’55 Chevy so he can put this one back on the street.

“I’d like to put this one back on the street and then build a dedicated drag car,” Dale says. “It wouldn’t take much to put this car back on the street full time. I just need to put in a different transmission, rear-gear ratio, and take a little stall out of the torque converter. I like the reliable engine combination I currently have. I want to build one similar with a little more power.”

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