LS Based Engine

Chevy Hardcore recently spoke with SCAT founder Tom Lieb to discuss what you need to look for in an aftermarket crankshaft for your boosted LS-based engine.

“The crankshafts are different in the variations of the LS engine and that will change a few of the items you’re going to use on the engine. There are three different noses and that’s in relation to the timing cover, oil pump, and the cam drive. Whatever block you have, it’s important to know the origin of it so you know which crank will fit. There are also two different reluctor wheels for different electronics: the early reluctor wheels have 24 teeth and the new ones have 58 teeth,” Lieb says.

After you’ve figured out what crankshaft you need, it’s time to look for the crankshaft itself.

“Most aftermarket cranks are made of 4340 chrome moly steel and that’s an upgrade going in. It then becomes a question of the block itself you’re going to combine it with. The popular aftermarket stroke for LS engines is four inches and what that ends up doing is giving you a lot of cubic inch options. You can get a good ring pack and compression, so that will give you a solid platform for whatever you are trying to do,” Lieb explains.

We have looked at a variety of forces that crankshafts deal with in a boosted environment and applied them to our products:

“The most important things for these crankshafts are the two things you can’t see: the quality of the material and the heat-treating process. The strongest part of the engine is the crankshaft so the material and heat treating are so important. We want to be sure the crankshaft can deal with all the pressure being put on it. We also have made sure the position of the counterweights between the throws and the main on the crank are optimized. That weight and that position affect the rigidity of the crank at high RPM, so their shape and weight keep it together,” Lieb continues.

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If you have any questions about choosing a crankshaft for your LSX-based engine, be sure to contact us.